"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
- Theodore Roosevelt


Hi there! Welcome to the site. I'm Ryan, and here you can find some information about me, my skills, and what I have been doing.

I am a Bachelor in Finance currently working as a business developer at a foodstuff trading company in Indonesia. My skills include communication and presentation, business valuation, financial analysis, writing, and a few other miscellaneous things to handle daily business nuts and bolts.

this website...

...is my business card, resume, and portfolio. I also use this site as a repository where I publish my works, including amateur stuffs and occasional essays. Contact me.


The Just-Enough Guide to Finance

certifications and whatnots

* Bloomberg Aptitude Test
* New HSK Level 4
* Passed CFA Level 1 Exam


Indonesian: native
English: fluent
Mandarin: almost fluent
Japanese: conversational

some things i have done...

  • read 109 books (and counting)
  • won 12 Taekwondo championships
  • designed and deployed websites
  • interned at a Chinese newspaper
  • interned at an investment bank
  • studied for half a year in China
  • organized a TEDx event

...and things i am doing

  • sourcing and developing good opportunities in foodstuff business
  • finding time slots after work to play some games
  • finding even more books to read
  • mulling about starting a private investment group


Ryan Jonathan Budiman

ryanjonathanb (at) gmail (dot) com

my linkedin